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Of course not. No. I'm updating my journal. Did you just fall asleep? Your eyes are opened suspiciously wide. I've no idea where the moustache came from. You haven't explained the toothpaste. No. Perhaps. Professor Binns didn't seem to notice. Well, perhaps you always have things coming out of your nose. I did not twirl it. I've no idea what you're talking about. You're the one who's cheating. We've been awake six days now. Did your cat just scratch my leg? Yes she is. She's right there. You moron. She's clear as day. It's rather hard to miss her. She's white. She scratched me. I shall murder you. That isn't funny at all. How dare you? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. No. My lord, it's as though you swallowed a whale. Am I bleeding? I can see it. I am not hallucinating, you fat. That's what I said. Go. Where are you going? I swear you've just moved. Hello. Not tired at all, and you? Haven't I just spoken to you? Oh, I suppose not. I've to update my journal. Actually, I'm starving. Fetch me food. Well, you could use the exercise. You hit me. Yes, you did. Yes, you did. Yes you did. Yes. You did. Yes you did. Yes you did. Are you cheating? I'm not shouting. No, I'm not. No, I'm not. No I'm not. I am not. No. Yes, I am. You do not. Six days. 144 hours. Then some. I could go on forever. You're going to fall asleep soon. You're tired now. You are. I've forgotten. You've still got a little toothpaste coming out of your nose. Are you crying again? What is the matter? Well, I suppose it was sad. There, there. The goblins got better, I'm certain. I'm not going. I would have to move. I am not going to move. You are the one who is going to move. Well, if you say. What? I apologise. Isn't it odd that Binns is a ghost? Well, he needn't be. I'm hungry. What an enchanting pearl of wisdom. I don't know. Perhaps a pear. This is the greatest Sleep Duel we've ever had. No, we haven't. I cut it off, you moron. Stop. I cut it off. You're an idiot. Don't sit on me. I can't breathe. You're crushing my bones. My bones are being ground into powder. I'm dying. You've killed me. Never sit on me again. We shall die if we don't keep speaking. I'm certain. No, I eat regularly. Then throw the feather at the rock. Do it. It will be destroyed. No, I haven't any swords. What a splendid idea. We shall find swords. I've never fenced, either. Perhaps later, then. We needn't move now. Are you freezing? I'm not tired, you lump. Your hair is all over the place. Well, clean up your cat's hair, then. I want one of Pansy's pastries. Well, we've lost her. Where did you put her? Ha ha ha ha ha h ah aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. No, she wouldn't fit. Is that My Father? Well, I didn't realise. I wish My Father were here. Hogwarts wouldn't be so stupid. Well, Dumbledore is stupid. No, I've still got to update my journal. Have you anything to eat? I'm not eating that. It has hair. That's your cat. You did, actually. I didn't make any potions. You're the one who's making potions. I enjoy that, actually. I left it in the dormitory. Well, I don't need it. It would just be hanging there. I can't tie it anymore, actually, something seems to be wrong with me. Yours is in a knot. Oh, I am wearing one. Who tied this? What? No. On Tuesdays. Three. How should I know? Nott gave it to me, isn't it odd? He thought I really burnt the body. Well, of course I'm cleverer than him. I told him I burnt the body and the glasses were all that was left. Yes, he called him a zombie. Who is Rock? His name is Crabbe, not Rock. You've never called him that before. You have not. It's cold in here. There's a wolf staring at us. Don't move. If we close our eyes it won't be able to see us. I thought so, too. I don't have a lift. First I have to stop by the infirmary to have my nose fixed. I'm sure it's broken again. After the Quidditch match. That was an hour ago. It was. What are you talking about? That was last month. I shall be nineteen in December. Why was toothpaste coming out of your nose in the first place? I want toast. Blackcurrant. I prefer it. You can have that, then. Stop crying. It's unseemly. Please stop. There, there. You could always eat it off the floor. Yes, it's quite sad, but you'll find another muffin. Have you anything to drink? I am not drinking your ink. How do you know? He did not. I quite like that. Perhaps I shouldn't have laughed. I didn't think it was insensitive. Finnigan. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Of course. No, I said that well before you did. I worked quite hard on that badge, you gigantic frog. It was different when we got married. Eglantine. Yes, yours. Mine did not. I was going to commit child suicide. Odd. Odd are better. Odd are better than even. Yes, they are. Have we had this converstaion? I didn't think so. Perhaps we shall become immortal. When I was fighting manticores in the forests of Transylvania, no one treated me this way. I was a god. I am not lying. There was a helicopter. I nearly ran into it. I was ten. I am not. It happened. I am a better flyer than you, that's why. There's a zombie puffskein behind you. Don't cry. I was joking. Oh, sorry. Well, it was rather witty. Evidently, you find me ugly. I'm not speaking to you.
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