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Well, well, well.

While the rest of you were straining your way through lessons on Friday, Millicent and I were in a forced sleep in the hospital wing. You see, early in the hours of Friday morning we were dragged to the infirmary and drugged by Madam Pomfrey. She gave us Sleeping Potions and our Sleep Duel was murdered. I do think Millicent's potion kicked in before mine, but I shall be generous and agree to a draw as it didn't end on our terms.

All in all, the Sleep Duel was quite successful until the staff stepped in. We'd been up for nearly 168 hours, which is well under the record, so there was no danger. The only reason anyone even stepped in was because the Slytherin couch was set on fire.

First of all, despite the fact that everyone's been asking, we've not divulged this information to anyone, so those of you who've heard that we burnt the couch to do some sort of ritualistic ceremony have received the wrong information. As have those of you who've asked me if I truly set a couch on fire because I thought it was Millicent, though I do think that's a better guess. We were cold, you morons. We mistook the couch for wood for the fire, which is a perfectly easy mistake to make. Everything would have been fine if Queenie Greengrass hadn't come up to the common room and started screaming. Professor Snape got there pretty quickly, and before we could even calmly explain, Sinistra, McGonagall and Black came pouring in and we were carried off to hospital. It was all rather dramatic, particularly with the water they were spraying from their wands all over the place.

That was around half three in the morning on Friday, and when I finally woke up in the infirmary it was just after one o'clock Saturday morning. Naturally I got up to leave, but Pomfrey made us stay there all day Saturday and most of Sunday. She kept shoving potions disguised as soup down our throats, and we had to do our homework while we were there. We did have quite a few visitors, who for some reason or another seemed to be worried that we were going to die or something equally unrealistic. Nott asked to buy one of our candles, which is hardly surprising. I'm certain that everyone wants one of our candles, but we don't know where we put the original and I've no idea what it even looked like. You shall all have to do without.

Crabbe brought us chocolate, which I suppose would have been thoughtful if he'd remembered that I don't particularly like chocolate, which meant he ate mine and most of Millicent's. Unfortunately, we missed Goyle's birthday while we were being pampered, so I had to give him his gift last evening when we returned.

Potter, who had been conspicuously avoiding us in cowardly fear of getting himself bewitched, visited as though to check that we'd really slept. He looked quite suspicious until Pomfrey informed him that she'd given us potions. Really, I don't see why everyone was avoiding us, as it's not as though we were contagious. Last Saturday evening, I had a meeting scheduled with Potter, which I do believe went fairly acceptable, all thanks to my maturity and ability to settle things in a far better fashion than Gryffindors. We found Millicent in the middle of the dungeons. Actually, she tripped me with her massive leg, so I actually stumbled across her rather than found her. Anyway, Potter proved to be an even larger wimp than we were already aware, as he fell asleep. We used a clever Signature Charm on his feet, if you were wondering.
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