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Yesterday I was forced to play Quidditch with people who can't play Quidditch, as Millicent had volunteered me to play without my consent. Since we didn't have enough people for full teams, I wound up on a team with Weasley, Nott and Finch-Fletchley, as though the person planning these teams wanted to put me in my own personal pit of Hell, which is rather likely. I've never played Quidditch against Millicent, so it was a bit odd.

As Nott was playing Beater, rather early in he ploughed Millicent down, much to everyone's shock. I don't think anyone's ever knocked Millicent off her broom before, aside from when Mulligan threw an axe at her last year. Nott doesn't even play Quidditch. I don't see how he managed to attack Millicent, of all people. However, Millicent now seems to be infatuated with Nott, as she spent the rest of the day flying around him while the rest of us avoided him wisely. Perhaps the fall scrambled her brains.

Weasley was apparently dying to be Seeker for a moment, so we all switched positions and I had to play Keeper. I can see why Weasley would want to be a Seeker, given that Seekers are much better than Keepers, but who was he fooling? Millicent played Seeker as well, and it was utterly ridiculous. Why should I have to be Keeper just to satisfy Weasley's desire for glory? People were throwing a Quaffle at my head. Potter was a rather shoddy Beater as well, from what I could see. Needless to say, that match certainly didn't last very long. Millicent and Weasley simply aren't fast enough to be Seekers.

Millicent and I were supposed to revise for Herbology this afternoon, but evidently she was revising with Nott. What's so fantastic about Theodore Nott? She let him feed her cat as well. Normally she's quite fussy over who can feed her cat, but apparently Nott has a 'gentle hand.' As though I would strangle the cat while I fed it. Our N.E.W.T.s start tomorrow, and I've had to revise alone all this weekend because Millicent was busy with Nott. They had tea. They read books. For fun. Who wants to sit around reading books? Next he'll be assisting her with her stamp collection.

We aren't being tested on our ability to conjure a Patronus during N.E.W.T.s, which I imagine comes as a relief, since there were no more than five people able to do it between Slytherin and Ravenclaw. I doubt the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs had better results, given that they're the less talented houses.

I've been writing out History of Magic notes for Crabbe all day, and now all I can think about is History of Magic. I had to rewrite the scroll about Pellnor Wilkes three times. I don't see what he's doing in History of Magic, anyway. Why does it include things so recent? Potter's in it as well. I don't see why I need to know that Pellnor Wilkes enjoyed gambling and whittling. In fact, My Father knew him before he died, so if I really needed to know something, I would, as always, ask My Father.

We've had our journals graded, and it seems that some people received a P or a D. I, of course, received an O. It's a rather simple project, so I don't see why no one else was able to keep up. I know that I would feel just dreadful if I couldn't get a good mark on an assignment as simple as a journal.

Now I've to go eat dinner with Pansy, as Millicent has abandoned the two of us to eat by ourselves.
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